Salaar 2023 Movie Facts and Box Office Collection

It's a two-part movie: Salaar is actually the first part of a planned two-part series. The first part, titled "Salaar: Part 1 - Ceasefire", was released on December 22, 2023. The release date for the second part is yet to be announced. 

It was a box office success: Salaar grossed over ₹715 crore (US$90 million) worldwide, making it the highest-grossing Telugu film of 2023, the 3rd highest-grossing Telugu film of all time, and the 11th highest-grossing Indian film of all time.

The teaser broke records: The teaser for Salaar was released on July 6, 2023 and garnered a massive 83 million views within 24 hours, setting a record for the most viewed Indian movie teaser on YouTube.

It was filmed in two years: The filming of Salaar began in January 2021 and was completed in February 2023. The film was shot in various locations in India, including Hyderabad, Goa, and Kerala.

It received mixed reviews from critics: While some critics praised the film's action sequences and performances, others criticized its predictable plot and excessive violence.